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NFT Guide

''I've been following this guide to the letter and it has helped me grow my community and launch my first NFT collection. I don't know what would have happened without the guidance in this guide!''

Paul White

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The Ultimate Guide to Launching A Successful NFT Art Collection

Perfect for Artists, Designers, and Creative Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to market their NFT collections for success. 

What You Will Learn

Creating your NFT collection is one thing, but knowing how to promote, launch, and sell your NFTs is another story. 

How To Create A Community

Learn the tools, techniques, and strategies to leverage social media to grow your audience.

How To Price Your NFTs 

Learn how to structure your NFT collection and price it at the right level that offers value to your prospective buyers and holders.

How To Promote Your NFTs 

Learn the recipes to follow that will get your NFT collection seen, heard, and sold.

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About The Author

Hi there 👋 I'm Greg Beazley, the author of this NFT Guide and founder of the NFT Art Experts Facebook Community. I have been in the marketing industry for the past 11+ years and love leveraging technology to make marketing easier.

My wife @littleRedlionb is an amazing NFT artist and so we're working together to learn and teach you everything we know about the wonderful growing world of NFT art and how to market your collections with success.

We're all on this journey together and I'm so happy for you to join us!

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Greg 🙂

Greg Beazley

The NFT Industry Is Waiting For You To Succeed!

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OpenSea Ethereum Volume in Jan 2022. You don't even need 0.00001% to say you're successful with NFT art.


Millennials Collect NFTs. This means there is HUGE potential in the market and the opportunity is waiting for you!


Total NFT Market Cap. You need to be in the NFT space to carve out your piece of the pie.

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