I think everyone from time to time thinks that they are too old to start a business and create an empire. But, here’s an example from Funders and Founders that will help slap you back to reality and believe that anything’s possible, no matter how old you are.

The bottom line is, age is no barrier to follow your dreams or to follow through on your ideas. It’s never too late to be an entrepreneur.

Source: Funders and Founders

The mindset of an entrepreneur

Now that you’re convinced that following your dreams isn’t dependent on age, here’s another interesting infographic that will help you think like an entrepreneur and hopefully get you to realise your dream sooner rather than later.

Source: Funders and Founders

Useful books on how to become an entrepreneur

Learn from the best

Now if that wasn’t enough for you. Here’s a quick video of the legendary Sir Richard Branson giving his Top 5 Tips for becoming an Entrepreneur.

Coming up

Stay tuned because I will soon be exploring more on the topic of entrepreneurism by publishing interviews with real entrepreneurs. I’ll be asking the core questions about what their process has been and what lessons any wanna be entrepreneurs should look out for on their path to greatness.