We all get bothered from time to time and Monday’s are just one of those days.

Like they say, if Monday were shoes, they’d be crocs.


But when life gets you down and whatever’s on your mind puts you in a bad state of mind, why not give these 3 simple steps a go?

3 Steps To Reset Your Perspective

Step 1:

Stop and take a deep breath.


Step 2:

Look around you and find something you can appreciate.

What can you be appreciative about? Appreciation can come from the smallest of things, like running your hand along a fence and paying attention to what that feels like. It could even be observing a big tree and admiring it’s existence as it blows in the wind.

Is it raining? What does it smell like? No umbrella? What does it feel like (and don’t just say ‘wet’, smart arse!)

Just take a look at this video that’s recently gone viral. It’s of a little girl experiencing rain for the first time. There’s so much innocence and beauty in her reaction to something we take for granted and ignore so often.

Step 3:

Be in the now.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.” – Alice Morse Earle 12 Things To Prevent Bad Moods & Be Happy

If you were able to achieve Step 2 then you are already achieving Step 3. By appreciating the beauty that’s around you and using your senses to experience such things, you’ll change your perspective and be present in the moment.

With a bit of luck by following these 3 Steps to Reset Your Perspective, you’ll be on your way to turning that Monday blue’s frown upside down.




PS. It was the video above that inspired me to write this post. I’m a sucker for falling into the trap of worry and stress. It’s only natural, but there are so many ways to help get you feeling positive again.

PPS. If all of the above didn’t work for you, then have a read of my other post 12 Things To Prevent Bad Moods & Be Happy .

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