If you’re involved with Email Marketing in your day job, like I am, then I’m sure you’ll find the Email Marketing Cheat Sheet Infographic below quite insightful. I’m not a huge fan of just posting an infographic on gregbeazley.com without giving some context to why I found it useful and worthy of a post, so…

Here are the key things that stood out for me:

  • Email Marketing is not dead. In fact, I think it will take quite some time before the next technology comes along and has enough grip to merge people away from its reliance. Think back to the product called Google Wave. It was genius, but somehow far too advanced and certainly not intuitive enough to actually make waves with the public. The Google Wave project has since been shut down, but the good thing is, most of its cool functionality merged into the new version of Google Docs. If you can’t quite remember what Google Wave was, here’s a quick video:

  • Strategy is the key to reaping email marketing results. Email Marketing should never be about “Quick! Let’s get this email out to our customers so they know about this amazing new product of ours!”. For starters, that’s such a selfish brand move. Email Marketing should be more about the strategy, the planning, the segmentations, the targeting and your attempt at putting yourself in the recipient’s shoes. A simple strategy shouldn’t take long, but developing content can. However, if you have the ability to leverage an automation platform, such as Marketo or Eloqua etc. then it will make a marketer’s life much easier.
  • A/B Testing doesn’t stop with just Subject Lines. Yes, subject lines are important since it’s one of the main reasons why a recipient would open an email, but it’s not the only thing. Most brands tend to have a newsletter that they “blast to their base”, so even if you haven’t thought about segmentations and targeting, here’s a tip… Create a simple document like the one I created here – Email A/B Testing Guide & Insights Worksheet. Feel free to copy and use it for your own email marketing efforts. Just thank me for it 😉 The thing about A/B Testing is there are so many variables that you really need to make A/B Testing a standard practice with everything you do. For example, just because you used a call to action button on the left instead of the right, doesn’t mean that’s a definitive insight that will work every time. Things change. The context of your email changes. The segmentation changes. If you tested the email send at 10am the first time, but 3pm the next, then maybe the positioning of the button will matter. Who knows? That’s why you need to keep testing for the pure sake of optimising every campaign you run. It might sound like a strenuous task, but consider this scenario…
    • Your average deal size is $10,000, your average click-through rate is 10% and you generally convert one lead to an opportunity from a monthly newsletter.
    • If you implemented A/B Testing and your results showed that personalising your newsletter based on industry increased click-through rates to 20%, then theoretically you’ve increased your conversion rate by 100% and generated $20,000 in opportunities for your company.
    • As simple as my example above is, it does have merit. If you don’t think so, TEST IT YOURSELF and prove me wrong! 🙂
  • Why is mobile still so forgotten? One of the biggest things I find interesting about the stats on this infographic and from my experience, is that many brands still haven’t changed their email templates to be responsive for mobile devices. Most Email Marketing tools these days should offer the ability to create mobile responsive emails. But, if yours doesn’t and you’re too still too frightened of the costs to get them custom designed, then just type into Google something like this “free mobile responsive email templates” and see what you can download. The first listing when I tried was this nifty little site http://zurb.com/playground/responsive-email-templates, which has 5 mobile-friendly email templates ready to download for free.

free mobile responsive email templates

What are your thoughts on Email Marketing? Is it dead for you? What have you learnt from A/B Testing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment, tweet, or connect and let me know.


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