Datarati (the company I work for), is launching a webcast on Wednesday 27th November 2013 between 9am – 10am AEST.

This will be no ordinary boring webcast – you know the ones where you expect to take away some gold nuggets, but all you get is waffle and force-fed “buy this” spiels?

No. This webcast is different.

StopKeepStart 2014, will be the largest webcast of its kind created for the industry’s cutting edge digital and data-driven marketers.


This Webcast will be streamed LIVE online for those marketers who are ready to make a commitment to themselves, their team and their company in 2014.

So are you committed to:

  • STOP doing the things that don’t work in your marketing and campaign efforts?
  • KEEP doing the things that deliver revenue and profit to your businesses?
  • START doing the things that improve your lead & customer lifecycle communications?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then this event is for you.


With 2014 fast approaching, this is your chance to reflect, learn, share and network live online with other like-minded marketers and industry thought leaders.

This is a free event, so feel free to share the registration link with your wider team and industry colleagues.


Event Details

Registration link:
Register Now

9:00am – 10:00am

27th November 2013



Follow the pre-event chatter and tell us what you’re committed to using the hashtag #sks14