Before you admire the cute photo below, I’d like to challenge you to take a moment before you start your day and answer / do the following:

  1. What are 10 things that you are grateful for?
  2. How will you make a difference in someone’s life today?
  3. Make someone smile.
  4. Stop. Meditate. And (it might be harder than you think!)

Being conscious of these things every day will improve your mood, your overall happiness and the happiness of those around you. Do it. I dare you!

OK, back to the squirrel… - Ridiculously Photogenic Squirrel
The Ridiculously Photogenic Squirrel… (Source: 4chan)

Have a great day!!!

Greg 🙂

#topoftherock with @chowechow via gregbeazley
#topoftherock with @chowechow via gregbeazley


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