Traditional Marketing Agencies, in this day and age, are fast becoming obsolete. This is fundamentally due to the digitalised and connected age we live in placing a far greater emphasis on the importance of collecting customer data to gain true insight and marketing intelligence.

As customers evolve, budget pressures tighten, new content and social channels emerge, marketers are forced to do more with less. And since Marketing Agencies are service-based, it is imperative that they adapt to changing market environments in order to continually provide value to their Clients.

So, what does the Marketing Agency of the Future look like?

Well, just as the challenges become more challenging, new technology is right there to help make the job easier. Technology such as cloud-based marketing automation software, now allow marketers to increase their reach, nurture leads until they are ready to buy, prioritise the best leads to sales and prove the ROI of Marketing to the management team.

Marketing Automation Revenue Funnel

Some form of marketing automation is already proving to be a huge competitive advantage and differentiator for many companies, and so the Marketing Agency of the future needs to:

  1. Understand marketing automation (Marketo, Eloqua, SilverPop, etc.) and CRM solutions (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, etc.)
  2. Offer some form of installation, training and support for Clients
  3. Provide packages and best practice advice
  4. Be flexible and adaptive to the services Clients are demanding (eg. creative services)
  5. Offer a marketing automation solution that guarantees ongoing software updates and improvements
  6. Have a solid understanding of the importance of social media and have the ability to integrate social into marketing campaigns
  7. Always be innovating and adding value

Check out this great infographic by Marketo titled “Make way for the Marketing Agency of the Future”.

Marketing Agency Of The Future


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