If this isn’t the craziest drumming you’ve ever seen, then please prove me wrong!

I’m a massive fan of Jose Pasillas, the drummer from Incubus, but I’m telling you, this drum solo beats anything compared to what Jose can pull off. Even compared to Dave Grohl, this guy kicks butt! Now that’s a big call!

Aric Improta - Drummer

Watch as Aric Improta performs a rattling five-minute drum solo in front of approximately 1,500 spectators and a lineup of celebrity judges. Out of 4,000 drummers across the country that showed interest in the Drum-Off competition, Improta was one of a handful that made it to the final round!


Aric Improta from Fullterton, CA is the drummer for the punk rock band, Night Verses — This is his drum solo performance at our 2012 Drum-Off Grand Finals that took place on January 19th, 2013 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. For more info on Guitar Center Drum-Off visit http://www.guitarcenter.com/drum-off



Ok, and if that wasn’t enough for you, check out this other video of Aric performing “From The Shadows Where I’m Low”. There’s some really technical and solid beats in this that just left me in awe. I hope you can appreciate it as much as I do.



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