Strange title for a blog post, I know. But killing someone is not something the vast majority of people would ever do or even consider.

James Bond - Daniel Craig

Naturally, you would think that it would be simply impossible for someone to convince you to kill someone. If in any case it is possible, then perhaps it would have to be done over years of brainwashing and cultivating cognitive thoughts that program such a crazy task.

Mugshot taken of Sirhan Sirhan following his a...
Mugshot taken of Sirhan Sirhan following his arrest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Think again.

There have been several conspiracy theories related to this assassination, but one of which relates to a Manchurian candidate hypothesis that Sirhan was psychologically programmed by persons unknown to commit the murder and that he was not aware of his actions at the time and that his mind was “wiped” in the aftermath by the conspirators so he would have no memory of the event nor of the persons who “programmed” him. This theory was supported by psychologist and hypnosis expert Dr. Eduard Simson-Kallas after 35 hours of work with Sirhan in San Quentin prison in 1969 after his conviction which Sirhan claimed then, and to this day, to have no memory of the assassination or aftermath.Back in 1968, Sirhan Sirhan, a 24-year-old Jordanian Palestinian immigrant, was convicted of assassinating Robert Kennedy and is now serving a life sentence for the crime. Sirhan’s lawyers released statements claiming evidence that he was framed, but the shooting was recorded on audio tape by a freelance newspaper reporter, and the aftermath was captured on film.

Now as much as I love a good conspiracy, that theory sounded like a pretty far-fetched idea to me.

BUT then I came across a fascinating video by genius that is Derren Brown.

Derren Brown - Assassination

Part of “The Experiments” series, Derren Brown successfully programmed a member of the public through hypnotism to “assassinate” Stephen Fry, with total amnesia of the event afterwards. Before the experiment, many experts claimed that it would be impossible to hypnotise somebody to kill unless they were already morally open to committing murder. Throughout the program, Derren drew parallels to Sirhan’s assassination of Robert Kennedy, and heavily implied that he believed Sirhan was programmed by the CIA using a similar method.

Watch the full video if you still don’t believe it:



The fact that this experiment worked is somewhat concerning – really concerning actually. If it is possible to hypnotise someone and instruct them to kill, then it makes me wonder how many other people has this technique been used on? How many other “innocent” people have killed against their own will and are in jail now?

What are your reactions after watching this video? What do you think about this incredible method on How To Create A Killer?

Is James Bond just a hypnotised agent that likes to sleep with hot women?

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