I’m sure you have used Google’s Image search before, but there is one feature the service offers that is not very obvious, yet very useful and one that I think you’ll start using more and more.

When I discovered this, it was very much a “Wooaaah, coool!” moment.

What is it?

It’s called Search by image. So, instead of Google searching for images by typing what you’re looking for, such as “Black cat wearing a top hat”, if you already have a similar image, now you can start your search with an image.

How to search by image using Google Images

For example, I have this picture of a black cat wearing a top hat on my computer. I want to see where else on the internet it appears.

Black Cat Wearing A Top Hat
Black Cat Wearing A Top Hat

Go to www.google.com/images and drag the image from your computer over the search bar, and drop it.

Google Image Search - Black Cat Wearing A Top Hat

Here are your search results for images that look like your image. You can also add a description to improve the search results, should your image be of greater obscurity than a cat with a top hat.

Search - Black Cat Wearing A Top Hat

If none of the above made sense to you, then watch how Google explains the feature:

What are the benefits of using this feature?

Are you a photographer?

Ever taken a photo and wanted to know who else on the internet has used it? Well, now you can find out. For copyright reasons, this would be handy.

Are you a stylist?

Say you were looking for dudes wearing different types of blue suit jackets (for whatever reason). Well, by using this tool, Google will search all images that are similar to the one you search for, allowing you to create things like style boards and colour collages.

Are you an artist?

Just like the example above, say you wanted to create a collage of sunsets that look similar to a photo you have or a photo you’ve found on Google Images. Well, drag and drop the image into the Google Images search bar and you have your collage there, waiting for you to get creative, in a fraction of the time.

Google Image Search - Sunsets


Can you think of any other ideas where this Google Image search tool could be used, for personal use or professional use? If you have any thoughts, please share them in the comments section below.


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