“A Vision Board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams and desires. It can also be called a dream board, treasure map or vision map. Vision Boards are a great way to make you feel positive, and are helpful if you are using the law of attraction.” — wikiHow

But before jumping in to create a magnificent Vision Board, it’s obvious to say that it’s worth spending some time thinking about what your dreams are and what you want to achieve for the year and for the years ahead, so you can start to form a range of visions in your head about realising those goals.

There are many opinions about the best way to manage your goals, but ultimately, what’s most important is that you find something that works for you and you feel comfortable with.

So, the first main step in this process is to write down your goals and be specific and determined as possible. By specific, I mean give yourself a time frame to which you want to achieve that particular goal. By determined, I mean give yourself some conviction and a promise that you “will” achieve this goal. For example, if I wanted to have saved $20,000, it’s best to document the specifics, like:

“I will save $20,000 by December 201X and I will achieve this by saving $X every month from my pay and the remainder will be earned through selling my surfboards ($X), old computer ($X) and I will get a second job working weekends by February 201X.”

For more information about how to write and manage your goals, check out one of my favourite infographics at the end of this post called the “Outrageously Simple Visual Guide to Goal Setting’ infographic by Eric Welke. Also, check out my good friend +Si Muddell‘s blog post here for a very useful and detailed explanation of how to get more out of your goals and actually achieve them. Seriously, it’s a great resource and a must read! I’ll be referencing it several times this year without a doubt!

Once you’re comfortable with your list of goals, it’s time to start making your Vision Board!

How To Create A Vision Board Using Online Tools:

Now my method of making a Vision Board differs to how most people would traditionally make them – with magazine cut-outs and clippings etc. Being a fiend for online marketing, my method for creating a Vision Board uses online tools that are freely available. And of course once the Vision Board is complete, you have an easy opportunity to share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Blog about it to encourage others to notice your ambitions and to support them throughout the year.

1. Keep your list of goals in front of you for reference. Tip: Create a Google Doc to keep all your goals in, so you can access it where ever, whenever.

2. Jump on Google Images or Pinterest and save images to your desktop that relate to your goals. Tip: a quick way to save images onto your desktop is to click and drag the images onto the desktop, instead of right-clicking and selecting Save Image As.

gregbeazley.com - Google Images gregbeazley.com - Pinterest logo

3. Create a board on Pinterest and upload the images to the board as a great place to document your vision board images and it acts as a great reminder to yourself about what you’re striving for.

SoHotRightNow! Create a board on Pinterest

4. Download Picasa (Google’s image editing software) and follow the instructions until the application is open and running.

SoHotRightNow! Use Picasa to Create a Vision Board Collage

5. Once Picasa has registered the images on your desktop in the library (this will happen automatically) select the option to create a Collage and select your images from the library.

SoHotRightNow! Picasa - Create A Picture Collage

6. Rearrange the images the way you like.

Picasa Collage Menu

7. Save the collage as a JPEG.

8. Print out a few A3 copies to hang in your room. I put one above my computer and one near my door so they are always in view when I work and when I walk out the room. Tip: Get creative and put the print-outs in an A3 frame, or better yet, why don’t you get a canvas printed?

9. Upload your new Vision Board to Pinterest, Blog about it and share it with your friends to get even more motivated!

SoHotRightNow! Create A Vision Board On Pinterest

10. Never lose sight of what you want to achieve. Look at your Vision Board every day and actually visualise yourself seeing your bank account with $20,000 saved, or see yourself buying that perfect investment property you’ve always wanted, or picture yourself surfing with your best mates in Indonesia. These were all real goals of mine in 2012, and I can proudly say that I achieved them, thanks to my Vision Board and staying focused.

I really hope this helps you get motivated and inspired to achieve great things. Once you’ve made your new Vision Board, I’d love to see it! Either contact me directly or share a link to where it’s saved on Pinterest or your Blog.

Goodluck with your Vision Board!


PS: Here’s that awesome infographic I mentioned earlier: “Outrageously Simple Visual Guide to Goal Setting’ infographic by Eric Welke: