Every year many people are faced with the question “What are your new year resolutions?”.
It’s important to remember that resolutions are things you want to ‘resolve’. The other important part that should be considered when someone asks you the question is “What are my goals for the year? What do I want to achieve?”.
For me, this is the fun part. Although reflecting on the past year and recognising the things you could have done better is a valuable exercise, getting motivated towards the things you want to achieve in the year ahead is where you can get your creative juices flowing!
Every year, I’ve made it a personal task to create a Vision Board for all the things I want to keep at the top of my mind – each and every day.
I’m not one to scour through magazines etc to find inspiration. IMHO why would you need to do that when you’ve got the world of the internet at your fingertips? Use Google Images and Pinterest as superb image generating engines and then create yourself a beautiful collage – AKA your Vision Board.

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Still not sure what you could include in your Vision Board? Check out the Vision Board I created for 2012:

gregbeazley.com - My Vision Board 2012
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Tip: once you’ve finished creating your Vision Board, make a copy of it and stick it up around your room / house in clear view your daily passings. I personally stick one copy above my computer / desk space and another right next to my bedroom door so I am guaranteed to see it several times a day.

I hope this helps get you inspired and motivated to kick some goals and achieve your dreams.




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