Dare me to cook a BBQ at work wearing this dress? 

I’m scared, but it’ll be worth it.

I’m doing this to support a charity I care for called One Girl.

One Girl’s mission is to provide 600 education scholarships to girls in Sierra Leone by 2014.
My mission is to raise funds so you can have the laughing pleasure of seeing me in this dress!
If you want to see me wear this dress, donate now!

The BBQ is happening around 12pm on Friday 18th November at the Vodafone Head Office, 40 Mount Street, North Sydney.

I’ll post the pics on my Facebook after the event.



PS: Thanks to Lisa Messenger of The Messenger Group for donating the dress. I’m not sure if I’ll fit into it yet, but that makes it more of a challenge!

PPS: Here’s the link again for donations: http://doitinadress.com/gregbeazley


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