Glass Half Full or Empty

What type of person are you? Glass half full or half empty?

Lately, I’ve taken a solid interest in learning more about the psychology of human beings. We are without doubt curious creatures and so it’s fascinating to understand a bit more about how people think and how we might be able to think better. Meet Alison Ledgerwood. Alison describes herself as a [...]
PASH Quote Andrew Baietta

Aha! A PASH with Andrew Baietta

‘Aha!’ Entrepreneur Series ‘Aha!’ is a new avenue on that aims to meet and explore local entrepreneurs to uncover who they are, how they discovered their Aha! moment, and why they decided to take the plunge and start their epic journey of challenges, rewards and ultimate [...]
Measuring Charity Impact - Greg Beazley

How to Measure the Impact of a Charity’s Marketing Efforts?

Recently I had the pleasure and opportunity to present at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) / UN LTD Digital Marketing day, with my colleague Alex Munro. We were asked to speak on the topic of Measurement and how to think and apply measurement methodologies to 26 executives and marketers within [...]

It’s Never Too Late To Be An Entrepreneur

I think everyone from time to time thinks that they are too old to start a business and create an empire. But, here’s an example from Funders and Founders that will help slap you back to reality and believe that anything’s possible, no matter how old you are. Jan Koum founded WhatsApp at age [...]

Surfers In A Dress :: October 2013 [CASE STUDY]

Thank you to everyone involved in Surfers In A Dress 2013 Background Surfers In A Dress (SIAD) is a charity event, founded by Greg Beazley in 2012, whereby participants wear a school dress and go surfing to raise awareness and funds for girls’ education in Sierra Leone, Africa SIAD acts on [...]

Marketing Automation :: Demystifying Big Data

What is Marketing Automation and Big Data? Your Big Data is all of the response and activity generated by your digital marketing efforts. The problem is, how do you integrate all of that data in order to make more effective marketing decisions? In this presentation, I look at best practice in [...]

What’s The Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Have you ever thought about asking yourself this question? There’s a lot that we are all scared of, but what does that really mean? By definition, being scared is being fearful or frightened. It’s not knowing what’s going to happen. It’s not being in control. Being in control is the interesting [...]

Social Media ROI :: What Is It & How Do You Measure It?

The article below was a Chapter I authored featured in the book titled "The Experts Guide to Social Media Marketing: Leverage the power of social media", published by Mithra Publishing 2013. Social Media has become very much the ‘in’ thing for businesses these days, and rightly so. Considering [...]

What Is The True Cost Of Bad Data?

Data is one of those things that many businesses still neglect. I see it far too often, but then again, that’s probably because I work in the Data Marketing Industry. Then again, in the past year or two, there has been a massive rise in awareness of the importance of having good data. What do I [...]

Monday Blues? 3 Steps To Reset Your Perspective

We all get bothered from time to time and Monday’s are just one of those days. Like they say, if Monday were shoes, they’d be crocs. But when life gets you down and whatever’s on your mind puts you in a bad state of mind, why not give these 3 simple steps a go? 3 Steps To Reset Your [...]
Morning Bondi

Morning Bondi [Photography & Video]

One summery Saturday morning in January 2014, I met up with good friend and talented photographer, Tim Denoodle. We spent a few hours cruising around Bondi Beach taking photos and learning different photographic techniques. I also met Amaury Treguer, Lifeguard/Photographer and the man behind the [...]
Horse Head

Today, I bought a Horse Head (Buyer’s Remorse)

I don’t really know why I did it. Same goes for the mate I bought it from. It turns out he acquired it during a drunken date with eBay on a rainy and romantic evening. Said friend is moving overseas. Selling his stuff for cash. So I sporadically put my hand up for this somewhat useless, yet super [...]

15 Important Factors About How To Rank On Google

How many times have you heard someone new to promoting their business online say “How do I get number one on Google”? At its simplest level, if you are producing fresh, relevant and keyword-rich content on a regular basis, then you stand a VERY good chance of climbing up the Google ladder. Focus [...]

Gordon’s Bay Beach Clean-Up :: Surfrider Australia Eastern Beaches

On Sunday 8th December 2013, the members of Surfrider Eastern Beaches teamed up for a beach clean-up at Gordon’s Bay, New South Wales. This was the second beach clean-up we have hosted and although there was only 4 of us, it was still a big success.

Why Email Marketing Ain’t Dead

If you’re involved with Email Marketing in your day job, like I am, then I’m sure you’ll find the Email Marketing Cheat Sheet Infographic below quite insightful. I’m not a huge fan of just posting an infographic on without giving some context to why I found it useful and worthy of a [...]

What are you committed to in 2014? Stop. Keep. Start.

Datarati (the company I work for), is launching a webcast on Wednesday 27th November 2013 between 9am – 10am AEST. This will be no ordinary boring webcast – you know the ones where you expect to take away some gold nuggets, but all you get is waffle and force-fed “buy this” spiels? No. This [...]
Surfing Namibia South Africa

Feel Good Friday (For The Surfers Out There)

It’s Friday! We made it!   Now all we have to do is pray there will be waves on the weekend! Maybe something like this would do nicely… To get you pumped for the weekend and wishing for good surf, check out this absolutely phenomenal wave that hit somewhere along the coast of Namibia, South [...]

The Real Reasons Why We Sleep

Have you ever considered how important sleep is and why we do it? The basic reason is because we’re tired… But, other obvious reason is that it restores our energy and mental ability to function properly. Strangely, for most of us we don’t give sleep a second thought. Sleep itself just seems like a [...]
social media explained

Top 9 Social Media Networks Explained In Plain English

Has anyone ever asked you to explain Social Media Networks? If not, here’s a quirky example of the Top 9 Social Media Networks explained in plain English and in context to what they’re used for. The donut example is classic. Using it makes every Social Media network make sense – if you didn’t [...]
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